Pieces of thoughts

These are snippets from my personal journal. I’ve neglected this site for a few months now. In these months we’ve moved from Louisiana to Tennessee and I still have not settled into a routine. September 14, 2020 just before lunch I’ve always struggled with editing while I write, as if the act of saving anContinue reading “Pieces of thoughts”


Sometimes I Envy rats their sinking ships

What Things

Do you hold against yourself what things? It’s past time, those little moth’s wings drowned those slowly, dropping, drips. Even from all the way over here, the night lies. My tongue settles inside tracing circles, pressing into the squishy tissue, pink and hurt from extraction. what was left behind? There are dishes in the sink.Continue reading “What Things”


I do not like being manipulated. Who does really? I realize we all do it though, in some form or another. My modus operandi is retreating into victimhood when under severe emotional distress. It is a loathesome flaw I am also compelled to point out in others. For me, it stems from being an actualContinue reading “Petty”


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About Me

Hi, I’m Valerie and I love research. I became a mother to a sweet boy in 2014. It was around the same time my service related disabilities made it impossible for me to hold a “normal” job. I have a background in sociology, biology and urban planning. Freelance writing is the perfect fit for my obsessive design oriented mind and schedule.

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